Sam Mundy

3rd year graduate student at Columbia University. My advisor is Eric Urban.

Local Langlands Seminar

This semester Dave Hansen and I are organizing a seminar on The Local Langlands Correspondence.
Time and place: Thursdays 2:30-4:00 in Mathematics 622.


Wedhorn's Notes

Tentative Schedule:

Date Title Speaker
January 25 Introductory Talk Dave Hansen
February 1 Review of Smooth Representations I (Talk at 1:00) Shrenik Shah
February 8 Review of Smooth Representations II Shrenik Shah
February 15 Square Integrable, Tempered, and Generic Representations Dan Gulotta
February 22 Cancelled
March 1 \epsilon-Factors Yang An
March 8 No talk AWS
March 15 No talk Spring break
March 22 Weil-Deligne Representations I Robin Zhang
March 29 Weil-Deligne Representations II Yu-Sheng Lee
April 5 Statement of the Local Langlands Correspondence;
Reduction to Supercuspidals
Dan Gulotta
April 12 Examples: GL_2 Sam Mundy
April 19 Examples: Constructing Supercuspidals Dave Hansen
April 26

Past Seminars

Hida Theory Seminar (Fall 2017)
Shimura Varieties Reading Group Summer 2017
Algebraic Number Theory Meetings Spring 2016

Some papers

Here is my senior thesis (45 pages). The last section contains a new adelic proof of the Riemann-Roch Theorem for number fields.

Here is a link to my paper on this proof on the arXiv (8 pages).

Local Compactness and Number Theory: These are the notes for a seminar course (Math 639 Section 001) which I taught at UNM in the spring of 2015.

Some things I am thinking about

Using compact or discrete rings to extend their Pontrjagin duals, in the category of locally compact abelian groups.
Example: One can extend the circle by the integers to obtain the reals (I have a weird way of doing this.)

Adelic surface area (see my undergraduate thesis.)

Here is a diagrammatic "statement" of the weight 2 Eichler-Shimura Theorem. I have this printed on a coffee mug.

Tiny version:

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